I was asked by Renata Walter to create a slide show out of some drawings for a related artists retrospective.  Or maybe she had already created a slideshow and my job was to make it a little smoother or hi-res? More of a technical request. I don't know how, but i ended up adding "sound design" for the slideshow, culiminating in an emotional improvisation on the piano... In the end i think both Renata and me were extremely happy with the result. It seemed like something that was good, but hard to explain why. Exactly how i like it!

It turned out that the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe " in Hamburg, Germany, played this little film in a loop on a tv set for the entire duration of the show - from 11/17/2006 to 18/2/2007, over 3 months!  I was extremely flattered when i heard that the museum staff commented positively on the piece - even after having to listen to it for so long. The name of the Exhibition was: "Hilda Körner und Lothar Walter - Ein Künstlerpaar in Hamburg"

- Emanuel Ruffler